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How We Help

Professional, custom solutions and support for individuals and families during times of transition.

Transition Planning

Transition Plan

Work with a transition specialist to develop a written plan detailing current arrangements, resources,  directives, and additional steps needed to prepare for long-term care 

Needs Assessment

Work with a transition specialist to identify additional professional resources (such legal, financial, or medical services) that may be needed to better faciliate the desired transition to retirement living

Household Management

Identify and document current household bills, accounts, and services to allow for quick and easy transfer of household management responsibilities to family members and caregivers when needed

Transition Planning

Declutter & Downsize

Declutter and Downsize

Sorting through possessions to shed excess items that no longer fit with your space and lifestyle so that family members don't have the burden of sorting through these items later

Donation Coordination

Arranging for the pick-up or delivery of items that you no longer need and wish to donate to local charities

Asset Inventory

Creating a detailed inventory that can be shared with loved ones and estate professionals to gather input on what items to gift, donate, sell, or discard when downsizing or planning for estate distribution

Gift Coordination

Arranging for the pick-up or delivery of cherished possessions and keepsakes that are to be gifted to friends and family 

Garage or Estate Sale Prep

Assistance in sorting and organizing items in preparation for a garage sale or estate sale

Declutter & Downsize

Move Management

Space Planning & Design

Designing the layout of furniture and storage to  determine what items can comfortable fit in the new space, saving time and money by not moving items that don't


Organizing and packing household goods and cherished belongings in preparation for safely moving them to your new home

Coordinate Relocation

Coordinate and supervise the loading and unloading of client possessions being conducted by either a moving company or friends and family

New Home Setup

Unpacking, organizing, and putting away items to help you quickly and comfortably settle into your new home

Transfer Accounts

Arranging for the termination or transfer of current household accounts and services (such as utilities) with service providers and updating contact information

Coordinate Home Services

Coordinate cleaning services, home repairs, and other services that might be needed for the sale of a property or relinquishing a rental

Move Management

Home Organization

Space Organizing

Organizing spaces in your home to adapt to changing physical needs, making it easier to safely access belongings as well as maintain order and cleanliness

Digital Management

Organizing current digital files and/or scanning important documents and images for digital storage

Paper Management

Sorting through paper documents to identify and safely dispose of paper clutter and organize important documents that need to be stored for future use

Photo Organizing

Sorting and organizing photographs and other paper memorabilia to better preserve and access special memories

Home Organization


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